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Ne Zha

The Third Prince

A story of reconciliation



Wind Fire Wheels, Universe Ring, Fire-tipped Spear


Spitting rainbows




Patron of

Drivers and gamblers

Origin story

Ne Zha’s mischief started early. After putting his mother through 3 and a half years of pregnancy, he emerged as a glowing ball of flesh, rolling around the room.


His father, an army commander, attacked with his sword. Ne Zha jumped out of the ball, to everyone’s surprise.


As a child, Ne Zha committed suicide to save his people from a flood after offending the Sea Dragon King with his mischief.


His grieving mother secretly built a temple to rest his soul. The temple attracted hordes as Ne Zha granted miracle cures.


Upon finding out, his father burnt it down, still upset with his wayward son. Enraged, Ne Zha returned to earth, now 16-feet tall, to settle scores. Defeated and humiliated, his father attempted suicide.


Only with the intervention of other deities did father and son, after a life (and afterlife) of domestic drama, finally reconcile.

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