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Guan Yu

The God Of War

A story of loyalty

Guan Yu.jpg


Green Dragon Crescent Blade (weighed 50 kg)



Nil (he was a historical figure born 160 years after Jesus)



Righteous and courageous


Patron of

Migrants, businessmen, cops and crooks

Origin story

One of the most revered deities in Taoism, Guan Yu was once a fugitive on the run. He had killed an evil magistrate and evaded the manhunt aided by his face, which had turned red from righteous anger.

To reunite his country, which had been torn apart by warlords, Guan Gong formed a militia with 2 sworn brothers.


Their legendary oath of loyalty to one another, taken in a peach garden, would power them through decades of battles, sieges and imprisonment, earning them respect from both friends and foes.


Although a God of War, Guan Yu is unlike his contemporaries from other cultures such as Athena and Mars. He does not bless those who fight, but rather those who observe the code of righteousness. The difference, overlooked by many, is a big one.

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