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Xuan Wu

Dark Warrior

A story of devotion

Xuan Wu.jpg

Trademark pose

Barefoot with feet resting on tortoise and snake, which are his stomach and intestines respectively


Sword and 3 Mountains Seal


Stern, yet sensitive

Patron of

Martial arts exponents


Origin story

One of the highest-ranking deities in Taoism, Xuan Wu started out as a lowly butcher who killed without remorse.


In his later years, as his errant ways dawned on and tormented him, Xuan Wu left the slaughterhouse for a remote mountain to cultivate himself.

Once, after helping a woman in labour, Xuan Wu was washing her clothes in a river when a vision appeared, informing him that the woman was actually a goddess.


Driven by guilt, Xuan Wu dug out his stomach and intestines (he was a butcher, remember) to wash them in the river in a fatal attempt to cleanse himself. Impressed with his sincerity, the Jade Emperor made him a deity.


Meanwhile, his stomach and intestines floated down the river and turned into a demonic tortoise and snake.


Seeing how his actions caused suffering to the people, Xuan Wu returned to subdue them, turning them into his mode of transport.

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