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Sun Wukong

The Monkey God

A story of courage

Monkey god.jpg


A magic rod that weighs 8,000kg (about 1.5 African elephants) but can be shrunk to the size of a needle



Able to clone himself using strands of his hair. Can travel 13,500 miles with just 1 somersault (about half the earth’s circumference)


Courageous, resourceful and intelligent


Patron of



Origin story


Sun Wukong was made king by his fellow monkeys after taking on a dare to jump through a waterfall.

He let this get to his head, bestowing title after grandiose title upon himself. Jade Emperor tried to co-opt him by employing him in important-sounding but meaningless jobs.


Sun quickly wised up, thrashing Heaven in fits of rage. A titanic struggle ensued with Sun defeating Heaven’s best generals, until he was outsmarted by Buddha and crushed under a mountain

for 500 long years.

The opportunity for redemption came when he was head-hunted to protect a pilgrim on a treacherous mission to retrieve

sutras from India.


Sun seized the opportunity, served with distinction, and attained Buddhahood upon his return, finding the validation he had been searching for his whole life.

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