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Based on local oral history, site visits, and academic papers from local and international universities.


We encourage you to sign up for more than 1 programme. Chinese culture has many layers, and every one of our programmes is unique.

Our programmes are curated to have minimal overlap with one another, with the exception of "Where Gods Are Born".

Please sign up for either the extended or standard version.

What our guests say

The testimonials below are for the "Where Gods Are Born (Extended Version)" tour, which has been running since 2017. We will be including the testimonials for our newer tours soon!


Excellent tour experience and a truly living heritage.


This is no doubt one of the best and most informative experience I've ever had… This experience will always be memorable because it imparts values and lessons that we can never learn from mainstream text


Definitely the best Airbnb Experience I’ve had so far… I strongly encourage all Singaporeans and tourists to go for this Experience.


I'm a 3rd generation Singaporean-Chinese who, like many my age, grew up observing older relatives practice Chinese prayer rituals but never paid much attention… Thankfully, this tour changed my perspective on my 'ancestral' beliefs. It opened my eyes and mind…


We booked this experience well in advance and it was our absolute highlight while visiting Singapore. 


Despite the subject matter being religious-related, the session itself did not focus so much on the religious aspects. Instead, the focus was on history, tradition and - of course - craftsmanship! This is a tour I would highly recommend to anyone interested in hearing stories of a lesser-known part of Singapore history.


Your hosts

Some of our programmes are hosted by family members, and others by trained docents who are family friends.

Our family used to conduct all the tours ourselves and although that was meaningful and fulfilling, it meant we had time and energy to do it only once a month. The tours were almost always sold out, and many guests requested us to hold them more frequently.

Thankfully, we met some amazing people along the way who were passionate about preserving cultural heritage, and we decided to come together to conduct the tours on a more regular basis, as well as expand the menu of tours.

Meet our docents below!

Jan Chow.jpeg

Jan Chow

Jan has spent time living in Thailand and Japan, and is now back in Singapore with fresh eyes (and ears) for anything pertaining to Singapore's history, culture and the arts.

As someone who’s traveled extensively, his cultural sensibilities extend beyond the shores of this little red dot. He enjoys answering questions and sharing his honest perspectives of Singapore. 


A fervent believer of the need to minimise our footprint during our short stay on this lovely planet, Jan is never found without his reusable bowls, cups and utensils that he faithfully carts around.

Jamie Lee .jpeg

Jamie Lee

The statues of deities at Say Tian Hng’s artisans reveal a lot about the Chinese people — their way of life, their thoughts and beliefs.


As a docent, Jamie, who graduated in History at the National University of Singapore, is fascinated with the stories and practices associated with the deities.


She looks forward to sharing all that she has learnt with her guests and hopes that an appreciation for the culture will prevent it from vanishing into obscurity.

May Hui.jpeg

May Hui

Meeting people and listening to their stories is what May enjoys doing. It is no wonder why you see her waving to friends working at restaurants, shops and attraction sites when she leads you on a tour.

Her passion in heritage led her to attend more specialised programmes. As a docent with Friends of the Museums, she started guiding at three museums. Now she is qualified to guide at ten.


On weekends, you will see May conducting heritage trails organised by My Community for the community. Always seen taking pictures, she explains that this is the way to document social memories.


"Be happy!" is her mantra and she believes in 饮水思源, ie. the importance of gratitude.