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 Chinese cultural programme for kids aged 7 to 9 

Give your child
the gift of wisdom

Learn life values via 

Chinese legends


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Ancient legends are a source of wisdom. Let's pass them on to the next generation! :)

About the programme


Non-religious curriculum


Developed by theatre-trained and MOE-trained curriculum developers.


Conducted primarily in Chinese, with explanations in English where needed


For kids aged 7 to 9

In this programme, we will introduce your child to the ancient legends from Chinese culture passed down over generations and the life values they embody, such as integrity, filial piety, perseverance, compassion, and more.

As our children grow up in a fast-changing, polarised and globalising world, such values are more important than ever, serving as their anchor and moral compass. 

Borrowing experiential and participatory learning techniques from theatre, we will use games, movement, music, and reflection activities to explore the meanings of the legends - and how they apply to our children's modern lives.

This programme is supported by the National Heritage Board and presented by Say Tian Hng, one of Singapore's oldest heritage businesses that traces its roots to 1896. 

Say Tian Hng has been featured on:

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The classes will be held in a beautiful studio on the top floor of our partner venue provider Grids cafe, located in a cosy shophouse at 200 South Bridge Rd opposite Hong Lim Complex.

While your kids are in class on level 3, parents can chill out on level 1 or 2 of the cafe and enjoy locally roasted artisanal coffee & handmade Asian fusion classics.


To support our efforts at preserving cultural heritage, Grids cafe will provide all parents with 15% discount off their menu.

Opening promotion of $25/child/session. 

There are only 10 slots available per session.

No upcoming events at the moment

Each session can be experienced on its own.