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Image by Sara Kurfeß



The origin story of Tua Di Ya Peh

Conducted in English

1.5 hours

$45 per guest (adult or child)

Starting point: Clarke Quay MRT station control

Ending point: Marina Bay

What we will do

Tua Di Ya Peh, which is Hokkien for First and Second Grand-Uncles, are two of the most well-known, yet least understood, deities of the Taoist pantheon. (We suppose it can't be helped when you look as fearsome as them but still…)


In this programme , we will learn about their tragic origin story, the important roles they play in the Underworld bureaucracy, and the reasons devotees worship them.


We will learn about their iconography, such as their different physical features, and the cigarettes, umbrella, fan, abacus, opium and alcohol used in their worship.


We will learn about the ideas of petition and reciprocity involved in their worship, and how their worship evolved with migration and social-political currents. We will see how they are different and similar to the other deities in the Taoist pantheon. 


Since it's a rather heavy topic, we will digest all of it via a leisurely evening stroll along the picturesque Singapore River, unfolding their unfamiliar story in relation to the familiar landmarks along the way, in a juxtaposition of the earthly and supernatural, ancient and modern, yin and yang.


No lottery numbers will be provided at the end of the tour :P

What to bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • A curious mind

Cancellation policy

As we are a small family-run heritage business, we do not currently have the bandwidth to manage a cancellation process for our guests, as much as we would like to.

As such, we seek your understanding that bookings cannot be refunded or rescheduled once made.

The exceptions would be if Covid-19 Safe Management Measures require tours to be cancelled or be reduced in size. In such cases, we will work with guests to either refund or reschedule their bookings.

We thank you for your understanding and support!

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